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What is a Square on Roofing?

Roofing squares is a standard unit of measurement in the roofing industry. A roofing square equals 100 square feet. By reducing confusion and shingle waste, contractors can streamline their roofing estimates using squares. In the construction and roofing industry, squares have been used for many years. It is more efficient to measure a roof using…

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How to Install Roof Shingles in the Correct Way

Even for those with little or no construction experience, it can seem intimidating to install shingles. It is possible for anyone to re-shingle a roof with some careful planning and proper preparation. You can purchase self-adhesive underlayment at many home improvement shops or roofing supply firms. To determine how much product to use, follow the…

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The Pros and Cons of Landscaping

Landscaping is the process of modifying the visible features of a property. A landscaper designs and maintains the beauty of a property by making changes to the soil, trees, and plants. Landscaping can be done by anyone, from amateurs to professionals. The benefits of landscaping are many, including increased property value and aesthetic appeal. Here…

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